A circular route out into the countryside from Harlington taking in areas which would have been familiar to John Bunyan  O S Explorer 193


From Village Hall Car Park  turn right, at the crossroads is the Manor House where John Bunyan was held on his arrest and before being sent to Bedford Prison.  Turn  right again, cross and walk along Church Road.  Follow round and turn left into Lincoln Way towards the shops, then turn left down Monmouth Road.  At the bottom of Monmouth Road, cross and take the footpath up the side of the school.

Climb along the footpath, up to gap in fence (sp John Bunyan Trail); turn left and follow waymarkers, through another hedge into following field.  Cross field diagonally to yellow marker post (left of large tree).  Walk down middle of field, pass between the pond and hedge towards the side of the railway line.  Follow direction of line until you come into Samshill Road.

Turn right and climb up Samshill Road.  Continue  and follow along to junction of four tracks.  At junction take left turn along tarmac and continue to follow road round until climb hill up to Upper Samshill Farm. 

Turn right here through the gate and walk diagonally across and down through the field.  Superb views ahead across to Harlington.  Go through gate, over a little bridge, through another small gate and beside a pond and then through a  small area of woodland.  You emerge with a large field ahead.  Cross this, keeping to left of oak tree until reaching a junction of paths. 


Here cross over the bridleway and with the hedge and new houses to the left follow round field edge to the plank bridge and gate.  Walk through meadow.  (John Bunyan oak is away on your right). 

Climb up hill and emerge onto Barton Road with care.  Walk along road for short distance and cross Goswell End Road.  Continue along Barton Road until bend and then cross road and take footpath through into Bury Orchard.  Cross Bury Orchard and return to Village Hall Car Park.

6.5 k  (1 ¾ hours); hilly, muddy in wet weather.

To read my experience of the walk please click here.

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