A short walk around the village of Harlington, taking in some countryside, superb views and investigating some of the history of the area. Explorer OS 193


Begin in The Village Hall Car Park, cross road and view plaque on Carpenter’s Arms, PH.  Turn right and walk towards Station Road.  Cross Station Road, view plaques on Harlington Manor (there is one in Station Road and one in Westoning Road).

Walk down Westoning Road.  Cross at some point.

At bottom of Westoning Road, turn right and walk along pavement of Goswell End Road.

Follow Goswell End Road around, cross Browns Crescent, Wingate Road, Monmouth Road.  Just past school view the plaque on opposite side of road.  Continue on pavement along Goswell End Road.

Carry on along Goswell End Road, cross Lincoln Way.  At top of Goswell End Road, cross over the road and then proceed with extreme care left along Barton Road (no pavement) for a very short distance.  Take the footpath on the left by the blue plaque to Bunyan’s Oak.  Carry on along footpath to kissing gate.  Go through kissing gate and then continue if required towards tree to get a better view and double –back when required and re-trace steps to Barton Road.

Emerge onto Barton Road with extreme care, turn right, and re-cross  Goswell End Road.  Walk along footpath along Barton Road.  Follow all the way along and eventually past Pretoria Cottages.  Cross Lincoln Way and follow Barton Road to Church;  cross road – view plaque.  Walk along to Parish Hall and view plaque to John Benet on opposite side of road.  Carry on along to crossroads, turn left and return to Village Hall Car Park.


(Distance about  3.5k dependent upon how far walk towards Bunyan’s Oak. About 1 hour)

Please click here to see further details about the plaques. This post contains a longer version of the walk and Harlington’s history.

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