A short pretty route just venturing out of the village across open fields (muddy in winter) and returning through the village past the pond and church. OS Explorer 193


Leave VH Car Park; Cross Sundon Road.

Proceed down hill.  Halfway down cross back and take well-hidden footpath after long white house.  Emerge with glorious view of Sharpenhoe Clappers ahead.

Cross field keep on path bear right and continue with hedgerow on left. Continue to a bird-seeded apple tree and  again keep straight ahead.  Through gap in hedge across long field,  Sundon Hills in  distance.

At the end of this long field turn left and walk along to the Bottoms.  Turn left and follow the minor land as it twists and turns until Willow Farm and then turn left up the Bridleway.  Continue up this steep hill.  Turn left at the top along Barton Road.  Cross Road.  Walk along until bend in road and cross over and take footpath into Bury Orchard and proceed to VH Car Park.

3.75k (40 minutes)

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