THE GREENSAND RIDGE WALK – Sandy to Gamlingay (the final section!)




I began the last short five and a half mile section of the Greensand Ridge walk in the early morning sunshine and silence under the dappled leaf cover of the Sandy Pinnacle.  Summer had reached its fulfilment and the day was full of promise.


The walk soon turns along the fern bordered Sandy Lane and then crosses what from the look of the pats on the ground is dairy farmland!  Before I knew it the grassland disappeared and I was back in arable land.  The footpath here continues for a good mile along an old Roman Road – yes, it was long and straight!


There was a short stroll across another field and a steep climb across grassland to reach the heights of Everton village.  (Those who know me will realise why I had to have my picture taken here!  I did consider putting the appropriate scarf on for the moment but it was rather hot.)




Interestingly there are at least 3  places called Everton in this country – this one isn’t on the correct side of Stanley Park, but it was a pretty village.



I love churchyards where some of the grass has been left to grow naturally.  The nippy hybrid driver had parked the car at the other end of this walk and began walking from there.  As expected we bumped into each other in Everton and sat on the Church wall for a while.  A jar of blackcurrant jam was purchased nearby.



Well, the Greensand Ridge Walk was nearing its end.  I have managed a photograph of a horse or two on each blog and this one presented me with three beauties in one sitting.


The last section of this walk is across the estate lands of Woodbury Hall and the Tetworth estate.  Plenty of cattle, sheep and horses in evidence and some rather pretty harebells.



Although the walk is said to end at Gamlingay it actually officially finished about a mile outside the town at Gamlingay Cinques.



No drum roll, no fireworks, no sign congratulating me – just a pocketful of cottages……………



…. a reminder under my feet of where I had been walking……………….. and the nippy hybrid driver to take us home.  Beautiful, mixed walking across the Bedfordshire countryside (peeks into Cambridgeshire just at the end).  The Greensand Ridge Walk leaflet available here is highly recommended .  Although it is well signposted I would also always recommend taking a map.


…………………..  “let me fly away, to my dreams so far away.  Let me run…………… to the sun.  To a world my heart can understand..” *


*”White horses” – Jackie.

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