THE GREENSAND RIDGE WALK – Haynes to Sandy (Northill to Sandy section)


I just had to linger in the village of Northill on my trek along the Greensand Ridge Walk.  So, so many adorable thatched cottages, a 14th century church and pretty cottage gardens all around.


The children in the local school had been painting pebbles, with their names and messages.

Not far to go now!!

And, I really could not decide between which cottage was the most picturesque.  I could have taken ten or more so similar photos.

The apples are forming on the trees – some ready for picking I believe.

Eventually, I had to drag myself away from the village.  And yet, again, another reminder of the passage of time.  Is it really time for harvest already?  It brings a cheer and a happiness to me but also a form of nostalgia.  Slow down, please.

I loved the area just outside Beeston.  The farm appears to be managed in an environmentally-friendly manner (and I know, that term is open to all sorts of interpretations) but there are wildflower meadows, land set aside, areas at the edges of fields under a stewardship scheme and this beautiful avenue of mainly rowans and silver birches right between two wheat fields.

An apt reminder, I think of the farmer’s lot, when sometimes we can be so ready to criticise.

This was a strange area for me to walk.  I have always had an unfounded fear of the part of the A1 near Sandy – never sure why.  Probably a combination of the large lorries, horrible greasy diners (at least in the past – and a dislike of baked beans), signs for lap dancing clubs……… and maybe something else.  I know not what, but this stretch of road has always given me the “heeby jeebies” – and yet walking through Beeston’s fields I was so happy and connected to Nature.  It came as a surprise to reach the A1 and cross over the pedestrian bridge with all the traffic thundering away below.

The outskirts of Sandy are soon to hand and the Greensand Ridge Walk crosses the River Ivel.   Such a pretty setting against the background drone of the A1.

The Haynes to Sandy section of the Greensand Ridge walk is 7.5 miles long.  This section between Northill is about 2.5 miles and highly recommended.  Refreshments  could not doubt be found in Sandy (covid permitting).

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