THE GREENSAND RIDGE WALK- Ampthill to Haynes (Clophill to Haynes section)


It was a long steep climb out of Clophill back onto the Greensand Ridge Walk.  I was surprised how far back on to the ridge and around the lanes this pretty village goes.  I passed several large houses, small holdings and farms.


There were a couple of people out jogging and a chap cutting his hedge but apart from that the village was very quiet.

It wasn’t long before the old abandoned church at Clophill came in sight.  This used to have a strange reputation years ago of a place where people used to congregate at Halloween and engage in untoward activities (!).  Now the area has been cleaned up and wonderful views can be seen from this part of the ridge.  It was, of course, the second abandoned church to  be passed on this walk – Segenhoe having been passed in an earlier section.

Quite quickly again I was out in open countryside with far ranging views over Bedfordshire.  I think I spied the water tower over near Meppershall on the skyline.

I skirted open meadowland – the sun shone; the birds sang and, of course, all was well with the world.

Chicksands Woods goes on for a lot, lot further than I realised.  Much of the Greensand Ridge Walk at this point runs along the back of the wood.  I could occasionally hear people inside the wood walking along the paths .  I was happy to stay out in the sunshine.  The terrain, was as always sandy and easy to walk upon.

Eventually the village of Haynes appeared on the horizon.  It was still, however, a couple of miles along the edge of Chicksands Wood until I reached it.  The Greensand Ridge walk only skirts the edge of this pretty village.  The village pub was open (virus permitting) and looked welcoming.

Fortuitously (for me) I took a small footpath slightly in advance of the signposted walk one.  This was a public right of way but actually went through someone’s back garden.  I was greeted by a slightly different form of wildlife!

This whole section of the Greensand Ridge walk has been fine, varied and interesting.  The total Ampthill to Haynes section is 8.8 miles.  This section from Clophill to Haynes about 4 and a half.

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  1. Anne Green says:

    As always, great to read Jackie, and such lovely photos. I know Haynes well and was in Clophill during the week. A friend and I are considering staying a few days at the Eco-lodges, something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now


  2. Jackie Mcall says:

    Thanks for reading, Anne. The eco-lodges look great. I used to do pilates there. Hope you are enjoying your walking also.


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