THE GREENSAND RIDGE WALK – Woburn to Ampthill (Part 2)

Early on a promising Summer morning I returned to the village of Ridgmont to complete the second section of The Greensand Ridge Walk which I had curtailed due to gloomy weather the week before. (Details of part 1  here).

The butterfly trail in the village was still in existence and just after I crossed over the M1 bridge, pondering on the ever-encroaching growth of the new City of Milton Keynes into the Bedfordshire countryside I rejoiced to be charmed by  butterflies, bees and goldfinches flying above nettles, teasel and dandelions.  I find it amazing how Nature finds a way even in our ever-more built up environments.  (Not saying that we couldn’t do much more though!)

Didn’t pass a human soul for the first few miles.  Just the odd friendly horse.

On across fields and through beautiful broad leaf woods.  In the openings I was able to take in some fine views and congratulated myself that the contour lines were going all in my favour…………

I stopped for a while on one of the several benches along the Greensand Ridge walk route , enjoyed the panorama and had my first coffee of the day from my somewhat battered flask.

The golfers at Millbrook Golf Club were not so lucky with the hills.  It was pretty busy – but then it was Saturday morning.

I was quite surprised what “horsey” country this was.  I had passed a couple of farms doing livery and met two ladies out along the bridleway adjacent to the golf club. They were happy for me to take their picture.  I told them that no-one read my blog!

The descent itself into Millbrook was quite steep.  I’m not quite sure what this building is/was at the bottom of the hill and hope that someone in the village can enlighten me.*

Ah………. then the contour lines were against me.  There was a long slow climb up into Millbrook and a further very steep climb up to the Church.  I always think about how people years ago, when Church attendance was much greater, would have climbed up to attend services once or twice a day.

There were some further great views upon reaching the top and then a walk around a pretty mixed farm with cattle, horses, crops and alpacas.  Something else I have often pondered is where exactly the tunnel runs on the Bedford line , north of Flitwick.  Today I found out – it was right under me as I walked through this wood.

I came across three poem plaques on my walk today.  This one was just outside Ampthill Park.

The park itself was very busy but it is large and one never feels overcrowded here.  This then was the end of the second leg of the Greensand Ridge Walk set out on the leaflet available by clicking here.  Because I had started half way along I continued my walk today – aiming for Maulden………… or maybe beyond.

Super walk.  The second five miles of the ten which make up the first leg.

Gently undulating and then about three steep climbs.  Mixed and varied landscape.  Refreshments at Ridgmont, Millbrook pub  and Ampthill. (Some shut today due to coronavirus).

*The speed of social media! – I am kindly informed that this building is of Victorian/Edwardian erection and something to do with the nearby water works.

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