THE GREENSAND RIDGE WALK – Woburn to Ampthill (Part 1)


I set off along my second leg of the Greensand Ridge Walk on what was forecast to be the best weather of a wet and windy week.  As I crossed the estate fields of Woburn an Easterly wind nearly blew me off my feet.  Deer looked across askance at me as if to say “why is she up and out so early walking today?”

However, as I neared the house  the environment became more sheltered and I peeked across the gardens to the old folly.

Secluded woodland and fields followed for the next mile until the pretty village of Eversholt was reached.  The pub was, of course, closed;  coronavirus still being in circulation but I stopped for a while on a bench overlooking the cricket pitch.  Surely one of the most picturesque that the nippy hybrid driver (formerly known as the red Hyundai driver*) has ever delivered a bouncer upon!

This pretty display made me wonder whether it was time to buy a new pair of wellies for “Dearest Boy”.

Passing out of the village I was soon wandering across fields again.  The colour of the soil this tractor was turning left me in no doubt of the bedrock beneath my feet.

One is never far from Woburn  on this walk and on several occasions I crossed lanes which I recognised as leading towards the estate.  However, as always the Bedfordshire countryside delighted.  For a short while the sun came out.  I looked across the fields at the swallows swooping low for insects;  at dancing butterflies flitting amongst the hedgerows and heard a woodpecker tapping away in the wood beyond.

Mother and foal were doing well as I passed  Wakes End Farm  and headed down and up again towards the ruined church of Segenhoe.

I adore this love seat just before you reach the Church and wonder who placed it here and how many years ago.

I can also remember how several years ago now, when I had just got back into walking after being very ill, I had set off very early one morning from Ridgmont to walk home to Harlington.  I was so amazingly happy to be well (and still am) the simple experience of sitting on a bench near this ruined church drinking from a flask of tea, listening to the birds singing had a profound effect on me.  I have never forgotten the gratitude which I felt.

I had planned on sitting a while here finishing off my flask of coffee but the wind picked up again and the cold got the better of me so I set off towards Ridgmont.

How wonderful to see a butterfly trail in and around the village. I know how lovely parts of this walk are and was not enjoying them as I wished because of the weather.  The clouds grew ominously darker and I decided to call a halt halfway along the ten mile route aiming to return next week to finish off the section into Ampthill.

The nippy hybrid driver* extremely kindly came out to pick me up and I sat in our conservatory looking at my own wildflower bed finishing my coffee…………. walk to be continued.


5 miles of ten accomplished.  Gently undulating, varied walk.  Highly recommended in better weather.  Good terrain.  Very well signposted (but I always take a map because I like to see the bigger picture).   Refreshments at Woburn, Eversholt, Ridgmont  (virus permitting).  Full directions:  here

OS Map   192

*Also, forever known as “The ever lovely T”


(Yes, I know its cheating to put two in but I thought the colours of this beauty so well fitted in with the colours of the sky).

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