In the Time of the Skylark – Time (6)


April 30 2020

My Dearest Boy,

Time passes on.  We have had proper April weather this week – sunshine and showers; dark skies and rainbows.  I have been walking a little less and thinking about how when you spend time with Grandad T and me you love to go out in the garden.  There are so many lovely little areas for you to explore.

One of the first words you said at our home was “Buddah” – and there he is, still giggling away amongst my Nana’s forget me nots.  (Or at least I like to tell myself they are). Buddah broke his head once many years ago and your own Daddy’s grandad put him back together.  You can still see a little scar on his skull! I remember how we used to race you down to this statue. So many memories in such a small space of garden.

Just behind him stands a little owl.  Last Autumn when I moved the tender plants, including the “tarragon frog” into the greenhouse for protection, you rescued the owl as well and put him under cover to keep him safe throughout the Winter.  I moved him back to his perch last week.  I think he’s looking for you.

And look what’s happened here!  You were such a help to Grandad and me  last year as we dug up these patches of lawn.  You  showed off your muscles as you carried the turf to a heap at the bottom of the garden.  The wild flowers I have sown have all now germinated.  I have a feeling this is going to be a glorious riot of colour in a few months. The garden moves quickly in this season.

Sometimes at present the days seem to whizz by in a daze.  On other occasions the hours seem to last a life time.  It seems we are living in a time of change and I hope healing.  But some things stay the same. The fairies, the butterflies and the “collection of jolly interesting objects” are still there waiting to be rediscovered.

And, don’t worry, although I have dug up some of the lawn to grow vegetables and soft fruit, Grandad insisted that I left the putting hole!

Your Mummy and Daddy have been teaching you so much and I have been hearing all about how you can write your name now and what a big number you can count up to………………….. I have a feeling that the 12 Steps which lead down our garden may be chalked up with numbers for you to jump on when you next visit. There are so many exciting things we have planned to do in the future.  We also know what a wonderful time you are having at present – aliens arrived on a space ship at your front door!!!! (I wonder how Grandad R knew all about that?)Probably the most exciting thing we found in the garden this week were wood pigeons nesting in the sloe. It was really difficult to get a photo but if you look very closely you can just see the female sitting on the nest through the tangle of branches.

Look!  Do you remember the apple tree I wrote about many weeks ago now.  It is laden with blossom.  That means apples this Autumn.  We will feast.

Grandad T and I love and miss you. We are just off to paint the soles of our feet blue and yellow………….. I wonder why?

Nana xxxxxx

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