In the time of the skylark – connection (2)

My Dearest Boy,

“Not all those who wander are lost”, wrote Tolkien.  Maybe, I should add the words “whilst social distancing”.  I don’t think that phrase existed three weeks’ ago.

On my walk this morning I was reminded that it is OK to wander and not to know.  It is also perfectly acceptable to feel anger, fear and confusion.  It is OK to get things wrong.  We are also allowed to laugh, to feel joy and celebration and sometimes just to forget.  On my early morning travels today I picked pussy willow and then I posted to you a copy of this story:

One bright Spring morning Mummy Cat sat crying on the bank of the river.  She was worried she had lost her kittens.  A tall, strong willow tree at the edge of the river wanted to help.  It swept its long, graceful branches into the water to rescue the tiny kittens who had fallen in whilst they were chasing butterflies.  The kittens held on tightly to their branches are were safely bought to shore.  Mummy cat took them home and fed them hot marshmallow milk.  And every Spring time since then the willow branches sprout tiny fur -like buds at their tips just where the kittens hung.

Just like the willow tree so many people are helping others at the moment.  There are sweet, gentle acts of kindness – people collecting others shopping and prescriptions, delivering spare seeds, leaving DVDs outside their doors for others to borrow.  There are also the acts of majestic selflessness of those that doctor, nurse and care; teach, serve and deliver. These unsparing, noble deeds which remind one of the power and strength of the human spirit.

These acts of kindness were always there, of course.  Perhaps we see them differently now? Love was always there.

Yesterday someone said to me that there are more skylarks this year climbing “higher and higher in the thin air”.  Perhaps we are looking closer this year?


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