THE WESSEX RIDGEWAY: From the Stones to the Wheel – Index of Posts


The Wessex Ridgeway – Avebury to Abbotsbury

In September 2019 I am planning to walk from the stone circles at Avebury (“The Stones”) to St Catherine’s Chapel in Abbotsbury.  St Catherine being the Third Century martyr tortured and broken on a Wheel  (“The Wheel”).  The route will take me from Wiltshire, across Salisbury Plain and Cranbourne Chase along the pathways of the old Wessex Ridgeway.  I will then head south through Dorset to the coast at Abbotsbury.

The route is about 135 miles with a few extra for detours off to accommodation.  Whilst walking I will be contemplating my sixty years of life on this planet we call Earth.  A full of index of posts of my adventures along the way will be posted here.


Index of Posts

From the Stones to the Wheel:  Introduction

1  Avebury to Devizes.

2 Devizes to Market Lavington

3  Market Lavington to Bratton

4  Bratton to Warminster

5  Warminster to Hindon

6  Hindon to Ludwell

7 Ludwell to Iwerne Minster

8  Iwerne Minster to Ansty

9 Ansty to Cerne Abbas

10  Cerne Abbas to Dorchester

11 Dorchester to Abbotsbury (Part 1)

12 Dorchester to Abbotsbury (Part II)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Walklizard says:

    An excellent idea Jackie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jackie says:

    Thank you, looking forward to the adventure!


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