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As the early morning Autumn mist showed signs of clearing with the promise of a fresh clean day I set out from the Village Centre and soon found myself in the countryside.  The ground was steaming as the sun dried the dew and a red kite circled overhead.

As with so many of my local walks Sharpenhoe Clappers was soon in view – it is very difficult to get lost in this area with the chalk escarpment so often on the horizon.  It was a while since I had walked over towards the railway line and I believed that part of the footpath may have been diverted and wanted to check the situation out.


In fact, part of the footpath which runs alongside the railway line by the small Spinney is now out of action but it had been diverted along the field edge. Quite soon I looked behind me to our village and was so grateful to live in such a wonderful environment.


Half way along the 5 k walk I passed by     Dyers Hall Farm.  It was so delightful to see the free-range pigs.  Some trotted over to the fence as I passed – no doubt hoping for snacks I would not have given them!  I took a few photos, however, as they snuffled and grunted.

Signs of autumn were all around.  Who could not marvel at the hedgerows at this time of year!

After crossing Sundon Road I wandered along the Bottoms.  The sun was now making its presence felt and I had to discard my coat and jumper.  I think 2018 will surely be remembered for truly glorious weather.


I took my time crossing back over the fields to the village.  The Clappers always somewhere ahead or behind.


A superb 5 k walk on a stunning day – and back in time for a late breakfast.  What a marvellous start to the day!

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  1. Walklizard says:

    Who needs “New England in the fall”? – it’s overrated and short-lived anyway 🙂

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  2. Jackie says:

    Thanks, saves the airfuel!! Another beautiful Hertfordshire Way Walk today. The weather and countryside has been truly amazing.


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