Nestled alongside the River Wye Bakewell is, of course, best known for its puddings – a very sweet concoction of pastry, jam and almond paste.  My memories of it will, however, be of sunflowers, eating a pizza slice whilst watching a croquet match take place on the outskirts of the cricket pitch, a super childrens’ playground (you can tell I am a Nana!) padlocks, a river full of trout and a superb B and B.


I had stayed in excellent Youth Hostels on the first two nights of my Peak Pilgrimage but as I was shown to my room at Meadowcroft my gratitude was audible.  Ah, fluffy white towels, a powerful shower, a huge bed, a fridge, my own kettle,  oh and bakewell pudding!  It is amazing how after just two days of living the “simple life” (which I profess to love) I was really appreciative of small luxuries.

After resting a short while and refreshing myself after my long 15 and a half mile walk from Hartington I set out to explore the town.  I was not disappointed.  As well as the obvious touristy shops and claims of being the “original Bakewell Pudding” shops, there were plenty of interesting charity shops, bookshops, outdoor gear places and other independent retailers.  the-padlock-bridge-bakewell

To begin with, however, I climbed my final hill of the day to visit the Church of All Saints. As with all of the other churches en-route the little box containing the pilgrimage stamps and verses was easily spotted and I added to my collection in my guidebook.  I was by now feeling rather like a childhood “LadyBird” Book Spotter.  But the churches were also fascinating, interesting and places of cool and calm.


After wandering around the shops I sat for a while beside the river before buying a pizza slice for my tea and moving to a bench opposite the cricket ground.   It was such a lovely summer’s evening.  Everyone seemed in a good mood and it took the promise of what I knew was a very comfortable room and bed to draw me away from “people watching”.

Bakewell claimed a little piece of my heart.


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