When I wrote up my blogs about walking the South Downs Way and walking the Ridgeway several people contacted me to see what I packed.  Both of those walks were done more or less carrying my own luggage.  When I walked along the Pilgrims’ Way from Winchester to Canterbury I used a luggage option so packing was not so much of an issue.

I am aiming to treat this exploration of the Peak Pilgrimage as a time of simplicity and reflection and am therefore carrying all my own luggage.  I only have three (four including my walk to the start at Ilam) days walking and four overnight stops so the packing should be fairly straightforward and fairly light.

I am staying in three youth hostels along the way which provide bedding and I will rent a towel for my shower.  I also have the luxury of staying overnight in a B and B in Bakewell half way along so I can use that opportunity for a rather more luxurious shower, to rinse through some clothes and to stock up with any supplies I need.  As with my gratitude pilgrimage along the Pilgrims’ Way I am not really aiming to eat out too much so hope to pick up a few items of nourishment along the way.  I may, however, order a packed lunch from the youth hostels.  I did this when I trekked along the Ridgeway National Trail and was amazed at the amount of food provided (more or less sufficient for lunch and dinner for me!)

So, my list of items which is being packed in a daypack (I am travelling as light as possible!) is as follows:

Toiletries:  (why do these always come first!) – travel size deodorant, soap, face cream toothbrush, toothpaste;  razor, lipstick and mascara (I know – but I don’t want to a repeat of my hunt on the Pilgrims’ Way for supplies); flannel; brush, hairtie, first aid kit containing iboprofen, blister covers, micropore, scissors, back pills (still practising the Pilates), a tick remover which I have never used but which was given to me by Walk Awhile Holidays.

A spare set, plus one of underwear, socks, and walking T shirt, walking trousers, fleece, lightweight waterproof.  Ballerina shoes for the evening. Together with the clothes I am wearing these should be sufficient. I am wearing walking shoes.  I love my walking sandals and until the last couple of days the weather has been hot so I debated which to take but in the end the shoes won out.  I am still debating whether to take a hat.

Phone Charger, Power Pack, Map, Guidebook, I/D, credit card and money, glasses, phone.  (Phone, glasses, I/D and money to be in a moneybelt I use.)  I find it very useful to have my glasses close at hand otherwise I can’t be bothered to stop and look at the map.

Some energy bars, nuts, water.

Each set of items in a plastic bag.

A toilet roll…………………… I always take one!

All these things easily fit in my daypack.  It is so much lighter than my bigger rucksack so I would prefer to travel light than carry unnecessary weight.  There should only be a bit of extra food (packed lunch) to carry which will fit in.  I have fitted the extra padding from my grandson’s buggy straps around my daypack as  even at its smallest size is still slightly too big for me.  I am hoping that this will mean it sits slightly higher up my chest helping with my back.   I am five foot one and of fairly slight build and if anyone knows of a good quality childsize rucksack, of a decent size,  which still is well made and contains the necessary compartments (without pictures of pink ponies on it please,  let me know).

The adventure awaits!


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