The Peak Pilgrimage is a 36 mile (39 longer route) pilgrimage along gentle hills and dales of the Peak District from Ilam to Eyam.

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I walked this route in early August 2018 staying overnight in Ilam, Hartington, Bakewell and arrived at Eyam on the fourth night.

Somewhat shorter than my 180 or so mile gratitude pilgrimage along The Pilgrims’ Way from Winchester to Canterbury I hoped that this would be a further time for some solitary reflection, independence and exercise.

The route is explained in the superb and detailed booklet “Peak Pilgrimage” written by Bob Jackson and his team and published in 2015 by Mompesson Press.  The booklet contains spiritual quotes and suggestions of reflections upon the way and has gaps for stamps and stickers provided by the various churches which it is suggested that you visit.

The destination of Eyam was chosen for its sense of a holy place because in 1665 , when threatened by the plague, the villagers decided to stay put in their own area to stop the epidemic spreading.  About one third of them lost their lives.  My accommodation was  in Youth hostels and a B and B in Bakewell.  In the spirit of a true pilgrimage I travelled light and carried all my own luggage on my back.  A full index of posts is set out below.

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