BOOK LAUNCH: The Woman Who Walked Through Fear


Thank you so much to everyone who attended my book launch of “The Woman Who Walked Through Fear”.  Copies are available now on general release for £5 – please contact me for further details.  I am also available to local groups to give talks about my experience travelling along the Old Pilgrims’ Way from Winchester to Canterbury and my journey through life.




A special thanks to due to Sue Styant of Flitwick Library and her staff and to the ladies who helped with tickets, refreshments and photographs.   Thank you to Tina Johns who very kindly gave me a wonderful introduction – as she said “it is all about ACTION”.   As always an almighty debt of gratitude to my husband, Trevor.flitwick-library

My book concludes with the following words:

“When I was a child I was fortunate enough to have a home-made kaleidoscope put together with bits of broken glass from my grandad’s stained-glass workshop in St Albans.  When the end of the tube was turned the beautiful patterns changed.  Just like that childhood toy my life will no doubt take twists and turns and make new patterns as I continue to walk through my fear.”


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