THE SOUTH DOWNS WAY: Pycombe to Kingston-Near-Lewes

About The Journey

A longer walk along the South Downs Way awaited today.  With the tune from  the old 1953 film “Genevieve” playing in my head I set off from the  village of Pycombe.  Although surrounded by main roads this pretty village swaddled like a babe protected by the kindly looking Downs still retains charm.  The stretch of road which runs parallel alongside the  busy A23 London Road must have been the stretch of road along which the “Old Crocks Race” which I had sometimes been taken to watch as a child travelled along.   I had recently come across an article “100 Things to do in England – Your RV Lifestyle“, detailing all the “must do” places to visit in England and I felt that this area of the South Downs Way captured this quintessentially English feeling.   Leaving the nostalgia behind I crossed another busy road, the A 273 and climbed and…

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