THE SOUTH DOWNS WAY: Burriton to Cocking Section


M Scott Peck in his book “Golf and the Spirit “ (currently being read by T) tells of a golfer who says “I’m not gonna play this hole anymore………… and she simply picks up her ball and walks on to the next hole”.

A bad storm was forecast today with continuous rain and I decided that I did not need to be perfect and could give this day’s walking a miss. Tomorrow will be another day.


T and I left the beautiful village of Burriton and the farmhouse which had reminded me of “Wuthering Heights” in all sorts of ways…….. and took the car to the nearest town of Petersfield.  A morning was spent in charity shops and cafes with a super detour into Petersfield’s Physic Garden, which is purely maintained by volunteers.

In the afternoon we visited Chichester and its Cathedral and then drove on to our stop at Cocking.

It would be nice to return one day to complete this walk.  During my walk on day 4 from Cocking to Amberley I met a couple who had been out in the thunder and hailstorm up on the South Downs on this day – after speaking with them I am glad of the decision which I made!

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  1. Damian says:

    Love the site Jackie, looks good and I appreciate the spirit in which it’s done.
    I’m (re-)reading Laurie Lee, “As I Walked Out One MidSummer Morning” (first read it as a teenager many a year ago). Keep up the personal insights and observations, you’re like a modern day, interactive, Laurie Lee!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jackie says:

      Thanks, Damian – love the Laurie Lee reference!


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