GRATITUDE along the Pilgrims’ Way



The title picture is from a card given to me yesterday by a very special friend to wish me good luck whilst walking the Pilgrims’ Way.

I have given my trek the title of a Gratitude Walk because not only am I walking in gratitude for five years recovery but also because I truly believe that the whole concept of “gratitude” can change how we look at the world and help our mental and spiritual (and maybe even physical) health.

A couple of years ago someone sent me a copy of an e mail that I had sent to them about eight years ago.  It was full of misery, bitterness and pain.  Re-reading it, I was not only ashamed but also quite shocked at how completely my view of my life has turned around within that time.  When going about my day I now actively look for things to be grateful for and at the end of the day I record them in a Gratitude Journal which T bought me.  This has changed my awareness of the world around me completely. (If only that I want to be imaginative and not write down the same things every night!).  Following this practice and actually doing it and writing it down has gradually changed me spiritually and mentally.


As well as my recovery, the spiritual connection which I now feel and the group of friends who helped and continue to help me stay well, I am grateful for my health, home, garden, neighbours, pets, food and drink, books, music………………. the list goes on ad infinitum.  I have an independent and healthy son who I am extremely proud of and his wonderful wife; I am blessed with parents who are still alive and of course the lovely T.  I only need to pick up the phone and there are friends that I can talk to.  I live in the friendly and supportive village of Harlington with its wonderful church community at St Mary’s and surrounded by beautiful countryside.  I have sight to see the sun rise in the morning and set at night and I can look at the moon and remember the love which my Nana gave to me.


When I am faced with challenges I can try and look for the positive in them and find something to be grateful for- often the ability to grow spiritually.  This is not always easy but I am practising!

As I walk along the Pilgrim’s Way I am going to contemplate “gratitude ” further.  I am sure that wonderful scenery and experiences will be placed along the way;  interesting people to talk to whom I will learn from and challenges to consider.  “Be ready at all times for the Gifts of God, and always for new ones” (Meister Eckhart)

barton-springs- gratitude


Here is a full index of my post of my Gratitude Walk along the Pilgrims’ Way from Winchester to Canterbury

Please add your e mail address in the box at the foot of this page to receive further posts about my walks in Beds, Herts and Bucks;  my ongoing Birthday Pilgrimage along the Hertfordshire Way; walking in Dorset and my trek along The Ridgeway National Trail.

My book about my experiences along The Pilgrims’ Way, “The Woman Who Walked Through Fear” has now been published by Sitting Duck Press.  I am also available to give talks about my experiences along The Pilgrims’ Way.

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