Barton Springs



Taking a walk over Barton Springs very early one morning to see the sun rise was an idea that had been softly floating around in my head for a  while.  A combination of a full moon meaning I could see my way walking up the hills and superb fine weather combined to give me the impetus to put my thoughts into action.





This National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest has always been a favourite of mine since the time I lived in Barton-le-Clay and I had often walked across the classic downland slopes and through the woods to the west of the stream…………. but never this early in the morning!  I set the alarm for 4 am and left Harlington shortly thereafter.   Arriving in Church Road in Barton it was easy to park outside St Nicholas’s and access the hills by turning left at the end of the lane and climbing up.  Maybe it is all the training I have been doing for my Gratitude Walk, but I found the climb up surprisingly easy.  I soon reached a high point from which I could see a distant salmon coloured glow in the sky.  With each step I took following the path along the top of the hill the layers of light blue then orange glow   began to increase and I could see puddles of mist clinging into the hollows of the land around.




I stopped on a bench for I don’t know how long and just gazed out over the landscape.  I really don’t need any more than this in life.  I am so privileged to have the physical ability to climb the hills; the sight to see the view and the appreciation that I now have for “simple pleasures”.


No words can really sum up the connection I felt with nature and the feeling of God being present around and within.  The pictures don’t do the experience justice either!  I return again to Hardy:  “He was one who had an eye for such mysteries”.  We are truly blessed.


barton-springs- gratitude






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