Cuts and Alleyways – A Nostalgic St Albans Walk: Part 3



My St Albans Walk Continues


My nostalgic walk (find Part 1 and Part 2 here)  around St Albans continued.

Continuing my fascination with small doors I popped into the Abbey, where I remember marvelling as a child at how much smaller grown men were years ago!




The lovely Vintry Gardens (also see picture in Part 1) remain a place of solace


Cuts and AlleyWays in St Albans

Returning to the City Centre – so many cuts and alleys…………………



I popped into Waterstones for a coffee and as always browsed amongst the books.  I was delighted to see attention  drawn to a book by a fantastic local author,  John Geraghty.  It is called “Imagined Realities“.  I have already got a copy of this book of very entertaining short stories some of which are based in St Albans and also including his powerful poetry and was pleased it was being promoted in the shop.

And, of course, referring to the top picture of this post, a Romeo and Juliet balcony has appeared


Well, the bus garage may have gone but the library still does remain of a sort!  I used to spend many teenage Saturday mornings up in the little local history room there, looking through all the dusty books. My fascination with local and family history started at an early age.  Does anyone else remember that lovely little room, I wonder?



I ambled down London Road along the route I used to take if I missed the 84 bus and also remaining was another place I sometimes went to on Saturday mornings.




On approaching the Station I was delighted to see the Signal Box still

standing alongside a small garden of fascinating memorabilia








So yes, things change, people change and places change.  Sometimes we find that difficult to accept but many of the little things that were precious to me are still there and the rest are memories held within my heart that often only I can know and appreciate.   Everything has a season, things take their turn and we all move on.   As I sat on the train set for my new home now,  I did not regret having moved away from my City of birth.  I left feeling happy for the people that now live there that they have a City to cherish and be proud of and grateful for the fact that I spent my formative years growing up in such an historical place.  These three posts have talked about the older part of the City, my next blog about St Albans will be about its more recent history.





On a winter’s evening if one stood looking out from this door one could see “My Moon”.  God Bless.

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  1. Mike willett says:

    Jackie, I have just come across your fantastic stories of St. Albans. Looking at the pictures and reading the recollections brought tears to my eyes. I was born in the city iin 1940 and left for far off parts in 1962. Your picture of St.Saviours choir was especially poignant as that is where I was christened. I still miss my home town after all these years. Thank you.


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