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Below is part of an article I have just received  from “Walking World”  about the Pilgrims’ Way.    It features the stretch from Wye to Chilham which I will be undertaking on the last day of my walk.  It might be of interest for anyone who wants to join me on the last leg finishing on 25 September!    It is only a few miles on from Chilham to Canterbury.  An overview of my walk can be found at The Pilgrims’ Way: A Gratitude Walk



Walkingworld newsletter
April 2016
Off on a pilgrimage!
Few of us set out on a proper pilgrimage these days, although you could argue that charity challenges and long-distance treks are in many ways the modern-day equivalent. The heyday of the religious pilgrimage in Britain was in the mid to late middle ages. Churches, abbeys and cathedrals all vied for the pilgrims’ custom, enticing them with sacred relics or, better still, a home-grown saint.Our image of pilgrimage is heavily influenced by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Thomas Becket’s shrine in Canterbury was the most prestigious pilgrimage destination in Britain, almost on a par with Rome or Jerusalem. However only those with sufficient resources, health and leisure time could contemplate a pilgrimage of days or weeks. In fact most pilgrimages were short, perhaps just a few miles to the nearest minor shrine. Others were able to engage a proxy to go on pilgrimage on their behalf after their death, making suitable provision in their wills.The Pilgrim’s Way, featured in this month’s chapter from our Pathways book, was one of a number of routes to the Becket’s shrine in Canterbury. The walk features a fascinating church porch in which pilgrims could gather before an open fire before venturing into the local wood. Pilgrims were, of course, easy targets for robbers, carrying money for alms, their own keep and for the trinkets they could bring back from the shrine. The walk today is much safer!



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