The Pilgrim Staff: The Pilgrims’ Way

A staff for the Pilgrims’ Way

Just read a fascinating article from the British Pilgrimage Site about The Pilgrim Staff here.

I love the idea of making one of my own to take with me on my walk of the Pilgrims’ Way!   Does anyone know where I could legally coppice some hazel?   Has anyone ever made anything like this?  When I walked the Ridgeway National Trail, I just picked up various sticks along route but I do love the idea of having a “significant stick” for company!

I must say though,  I don’t like the idea of casting it away at the end of the walk……………. but there would be a certain symbolism in it. (April 2016)


I have just found a local chap who runs courses and also makes hand carved sticks – I am making further enquiries.  Hopefully pictures to follow soon! (May 2016)

The Pilgrims’ Way:  An Index

A full index of my Pilgrims Way Posts can be found at “Walking the Pilgrims Way: A Gratitude Walk” here.


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